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TransEurHopeTheatre – es flamenco!

Kamera: Michael Höfig & Cristina Ortega / Schnitt: Michael Höfig TransEurHopeTheatre


Grand Bazaar

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar-2

TransEur(H)opeTheatre in Istanbul

Mehr Info über das Projekt gibt es hier >> http://blog.goethe.de/trans-eurhope-theatre

TransEur(H)opeTheatre / Das TITANIC-Projekt

II. Berlin / Dez.’14

Die Titanic als Metapher für Europa? Oder doch Arche Noah? Europa ist unser Projekt, unsere gemeinsame (Liebes-)geschichte, und jede Gruppe trägt ihre interkulturelle Sichtweise hierzu bei. Ausgang offen. >> TransEur(H)opeTheatre . Der Blog

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The Hague Skater
@ Central Station, The Hague

Im Museum

Im Museum-2

Bici Café

bici café

@ Den Haag / Holland

The key

the key



Cabo de Gata

Mina de sal-2   abandonado-2

HELDEN / HEROES – cover version from DYKO / P. Schwalm (David Bowie / ENO)

It was an amazing project: HELDEN – the Goethe-Institut International Theatre Festival @ Volksbühne Berlin, … and John Dyke (DYKO), our friend and team partner on so many occasions, had the idea to contributing this time not only with one of his motivating workshops, but producing a cover version of the enigmatic Bowie song HEROES, composed by Bowie / Eno in Berlin back in 1977. So we went on, together with more than 100 young actors from all over Europe. The Bowie exhibition which took place simultaneously at Gropius Bau, could not have had a better neighborhood company. The song was finally sung on the main stage of the Volksbühne, and filmed and edited by Marcus Sporkmann, friend and companion of so many projects during the last seven years. Enjoy!


 photo: Lennart Kortmann

Horrible bosses

horrible bosses
NYC, Greenwich Village on Broadway, 2011

Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes

natural park of the catalan pyrenees II-2

Zwei Autostunden von Barcelona entfernt erreicht man in einem Tagesausflug die katalanischen Pyrenäen. Die Fotos stammen aus dem gleichnamigen Naturpark auf französischer Seite des Massivs.
Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees V-2

Within a two hours‘ drive from Barcelona and crossing the borderline to France, you can reach the Catalan Pyrenees. The photos were taken at the regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees-2

Wolfgang Laib @ Blueproject Foundation Barcelona

Expo Wolfgang Laib
Visiting the Wolfgang Laib exhibition @ Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona together with Rocío Plúas


Costa Brava’s patio

Who sais that Cataluña only consists of Barcelona and the beaches? Only 100 miles from BCN, half way to Andorra, there is the beautiful „ruta del encanto“ towards the Vall de Sau and Collsacabra …

Panorama view from Cantonigròs
Panorama view from Cantonigròs

Viewpoint @ Tavertet
Viewpoint @ Tavertet

Vall de Sau
Vall de Sau

Barcelona – Marina

the seaside face of the city …

barcelona-1-2 barcelona-3-2 barcelona-5-2



María en Cáceres

María.sw-2 Maria en Cáceres

Interview mit Michael Höfig zur Europawahl

WDR II – Interview mit Michael Höfig, Goethe-Institut Madrid, zu Spanien und Europa

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