HELDEN / HEROES – cover version from DYKO / P. Schwalm (David Bowie / ENO)

It was an amazing project: HELDEN – the Goethe-Institut International Theatre Festival @ Volksbühne Berlin, … and John Dyke (DYKO), our friend and team partner on so many occasions, had the idea to contributing this time not only with one of his motivating workshops, but producing a cover version of the enigmatic Bowie song HEROES, composed by Bowie / Eno in Berlin back in 1977. So we went on, together with more than 100 young actors from all over Europe. The Bowie exhibition which took place simultaneously at Gropius Bau, could not have had a better neighborhood company. The song was finally sung on the main stage of the Volksbühne, and filmed and edited by Marcus Sporkmann, friend and companion of so many projects during the last seven years. Enjoy!


 photo: Lennart Kortmann


Helden (heroes) by: StreetUniverCity Berlin

Dieser Musikclip wurde gemeinsam mit der StreetUniverCity Berlin-Kreuzberg produziert, nachdem die ihm zugrunde liegende Eigenproduktion Teil einer Aufführung im Rahmen des Jugendtheaterfestivals 2014 an der Volksbühne Berlin gewesen ist. Die StreetUniverCity führt insbesondere Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund über kreative Produktionsprozesse an Musik, Tanz und Theater heran und unterstützt mit diesen Projekten getreu ihrem Motto „trust yourself“ die Integration dieser Jugendlichen. Kamera & Schnitt: Marcus Sporkmann / Produktionsleitung: Michael Höfig.